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Birthstone Natural Stone & Diamond Ring 10 Karat Gold

Genuine Stone & Diamond Ring 10 Karat Gold

January 6x4mm Oval Garnet 16=0.072CT

February 6x4mm Oval Amethyst 16=0.072CT

March 6x4mm Oval Aquamarine 16=0.072CT

April 6x4mm Oval White Topaz 16=0.072CT

May 5x3mm Oval Emerald 16=0.072CT

June 6x4mm Oval Pink Tourmaline 16=0.072CT

July 5x3mm Oval Ruby 16=0.072CT

August 6x4mm Oval Peridot 16=0.072CT

September 5x3mm Oval Sapphire 16=0.072CT

October 6x4mm Oval Opal 16=0.072CT

Novembre 6x4mm Oval Citrine 16=0.072CT

December 6x4mm Oval Blue Topaz 416=0.072CT

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