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MoonMagic 925 & 14KT Rose Gold Vermeil Moonstone Station Bracelet - Never Without You

Our Never Without You Bracelet, adorned with Moonstone, is the perfect companion if you're yearning for a new adventure, seeking guidance, or facing moments of stress and anxiety. It soothes emotional instability and heightens intuition, so you'll never want to be without this powerful gem.


- 18kt Rose Gold Vermeil

- Authentic Moon Magic Rainbow Moonstone
- Stone Size: 0.16" x 0.16" (4mm x 4mm)
- Length: 7" with 1" extender
- Cut: Heart-shaped brilliant cut
- Gem authenticity approved by GIA

Benefits of Moonstone

  • Awakens your feminine intuition, nurturing intuitive thoughts and offering guidance
  • Supports inner balance, for enhance emotional stability and a sense of overall centeredness
  • Provides protection as it acts as shield against negative energies and welcomes positive thoughts
  • Also known as the 'Stone of New Beginnings', it encourages growth and transformation