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MoonMagic 925 & 14KT Rose Gold Vermeil Raw Moonstone Ring - Ritzy

The Raw Crystal Ring - Ritzy Moonstone is what you need to hit the town in style. The authentic Moon Magic Moonstone from the raw collection has that little extra shine and modern twist with a White Topaz band. 


- Authentic Moon Magic Rainbow Moonstone
- 925 Sterling Silver / 14kt Rose Gold Vermeil
- Stone Length:  0.31" - 0.39" (8-10mm)
- Stone Width: 0.28" - 0.35" (7-9mm)
- Cut: Raw & Untreated 

How To Style 

The Raw Crystal Ring - Ritzy Moonstone is the perfect pick-me-up when you need that extra sparkle. Pair this beauty with a classic T-shirt look or pair it with a more elegant outfit for the ultimate oomph.