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MoonMagic 925 Moonstone Necklace - Supernal

The Moonstone Necklace - Supernal is a rare and lustrous pencil cut that shines in rich hues when kissed by the light.

Our authentic Rainbow Moonstone is embellished in authentic White Topaz gems - making it the perfectly subtle sheen that's modern and trendy. 


- Authentic Moon Magic Rainbow Moonstone
- 925 Sterling Silver
- Stone Size: 0.27" x 0.98" (7mm x 25mm)
- Length: 16" with a 2" extender

- Cut: Prism-shaped step cut 

How To Style 

Our Moonstone Necklace - Supernal is great for everyday wear. Whatever the occasion, these statement pieces suits your look when hitting the town with the girls or dressing up your style for the office.